Why You Should Market Your Business With Google+

With business going social today, it is vital for businesses to embrace it in their marketing campaigns. Launched in June 2011, Google+ is a way of making your Google experience social.  It is Google’s answers to Facebook. Why use Google+? With Google+ increased growth, businesses can boost online marketing performance by getting closer to potential customers, engaging & increase […]

5 Social Media Checklist

According to Nielson Wire, social media consumes over 25% of our time online. Yes, more people spend longer time on social media networks and blogs than ever before. Social media today seems to be a no-brainer for businesses and individuals, but despite that I believe that it should be done correctly. It could be view as […]

10 Ways to Make Social Media Work For You

Are you on LinkedIn, Pinterest? Do you tweet? Do you blog? Do you spend time on Youtube, Facebook or G+ ? Perhaps, you likely are presently engaged in one of these before getting on this page. Yes, social media as a business tool cannot be over-emphasized. Already, individuals and many organisations alike have absorbed social media into their marketing and […]

HOW TO: Know What Google Knows About You

Have you ever wondered what make the ads you see on the web more interesting, well Google uses your personal and social sentiment to help determine which ads to show you. Google uses your Google account information, such as items you +1’d on Google websites and across the web, to personalize content and ads on non-Google […]