The Top Ten Most Popular Brands on Twitter

The online world moves so fast, and brands are becoming increasingly aware of the need to have a social presence. Twitter is growing bigger and that brands must maintain and even improve their social strategy. It’s a given that celebrity accounts will most likely be the most followed overall, but it’s cool to see that […]

HOW TO: Make A Great Online Impression Today

I stumbled upon a new kind of personal website based on the best of your social media content. It’s effortless, always up-to-date, and looks great. It creates a visual representation of you which makes it easier for you. Present yourself to people Googling you with a  graphical bio. It plugs in your social media sites and creates […]

HOW TO: Find Out About Your Year On Twitter

In my previous post, tour of year 2012 on Twitter. Twitter has a media tool has brought us closer to moments and places that used to be far away or inaccessible. A lot of  activities including  Sporting Events like the Olympics saw fans tweeting their team passions; Music Awards with tweet about the performances and reactions to winners and losers; Politics/Political Uproars […]

The Year 2012 on Twitter [VIDEO]

Twitter has compiled highlights of trending tweets for 2012. Its army of engineers and analysts look at the trends, the most popular retweets and new tweeters with an impact. This info is packaged up in an easy to navigate standalone site that presents the world through a hashtag-tinted lens. The video shows a tour of Year […]