Getting Squared Online

Every good digital marketer knows the importance of networking, discussing new ideas and emerging trends and how to use different media and platforms to their full advantage. In a bid to improve my digital skills, I enrolled for Squared Online, The Digital Marketing Qualification from Google for tomorrow’s connected leaders. Developed by Google, built by the best […]

HOW TO: Make A Great Online Impression Today

I stumbled upon a new kind of personal website based on the best of your social media content. It’s effortless, always up-to-date, and looks great. It creates a visual representation of you which makes it easier for you. Present yourself to people Googling you with a  graphical bio. It plugs in your social media sites and creates […]

HOW TO: Find Out About Your Year On Twitter

In my previous post, tour of year 2012 on Twitter. Twitter has a media tool has brought us closer to moments and places that used to be far away or inaccessible. A lot of  activities including  Sporting Events like the Olympics saw fans tweeting their team passions; Music Awards with tweet about the performances and reactions to winners and losers; Politics/Political Uproars […]

I’m Accepting New Projects for March

Blogging can be really challenging as a designer especially when you working on a couple of projects. But i have decided to start this month on a good note by blogging (hard-selling my “time” and “ideas” as a commodity).  I am presently accepting freelance projects. Recent projects worked on includes, Looking for a web/graphic designer […]