I’m Accepting New Projects for March


Blogging can be really challenging as a designer especially when you working on a couple of projects. But i have decided to start this month on a good note by blogging (hard-selling my “time” and “ideas” as a commodity).  I am presently accepting freelance projects. Recent projects worked on includes www.empowermentuniversity.com, www.calebcollege.org.

Looking for a web/graphic designer to work with on your brand identity, logo design, website or other social media marketing(SMM) project? Then look no further. If you have any questions about working together, want to discuss your project before submitting a design brief, or just want to say hello, please feel free to contact me  via contactme@asotoadeola.com

A proper brief/design brief would be required so I can have a good understanding of what is required and have a smooth work process. To submit information for a brand identity, logo design project, please download and fill  the identity design brief here. To submit information for a website design project, please download and fill  the web design brief here.

I’m available by email, telephone, skype or arrange a face-to-face meeting if suitable.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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