How To Promote Your Business Using Classified Websites

Classified websites are newly developing phenomena in the African business industry. Business owners are tapping into the classified ad market as a mode of internet marketing.Classified ads can be very effective in online marketing. Free classified ads fit into every budget. Depending on your particular product or service, it can be time-consuming to respond to […]

How To Market Your Small Business On A Budget

So you have an incredible business idea, you summon up the courage to implement your idea and start-up your first small business – but how do you market your product or service without breaking the budget? It’s not always an easy task to figure affordable ways to advertise your new business, but with the broad spectrum […]

Why You Should Market Your Business With Google+

With business going social today, it is vital for businesses to embrace it in their marketing campaigns. Launched in June 2011, Google+ is a way of making your Google experience social.  It is Google’s answers to Facebook. Why use Google+? With Google+ increased growth, businesses can boost online marketing performance by getting closer to potential customers, engaging & increase […]

How Web Analytics Can Help Your Business

Your website is critical to the success of your business. As a business owner, you can improve your marketing with valuable insights into how your customers interact with your website. The more you know about your website visitors, such as where they come from and which pages they like best, the more you can focus your marketing efforts on what […]