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Grow Your Business With Effective Solutions.

I can offer you an effective solution to your advertising needs. I focus on delivering engaging Search Marketing & Display Advertising campaigns for small to medium sized businesses.

I can audit your current campaigns accounts to give you an idea of how they’re working and offer consultancy. Whether you’re considering, or are already running your own campaign, I can provide management and consultancy services that would help maximise your return on investment.

As a qualified Adwords professional, I have extensive experience turning Adwords campaigns into well performing sales tools and keeping them that way as your business grows.

I don’t just look at your AdWords account, I’ll provide landing page optimisation advice to improve your organic results through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well as  web analytics data. You’ll come away with a guide that’ll give you a good grasp of what can be improved.

Get Started With AdWords

Are you using AdWords already, or just looking to start or maybe just thinking about it?

PPC/Search Marketing

Attract the right audience on Google  and other search engines – includes expert campaign management and full performance analysis.

Display Advertising

Drive traffic to your website by advertising your business across a network of well known, prestigious and popular partner websites.


How does AdWords work for my business?

It’s an important question, well, the answer,  “It depends.“. When thinking of AdWords advertising, especially when considering product promotion (selling something) as opposed to brand awareness, it’s usually better to think in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), rather than costs. As long as you are able to measure that AdWords is returning a positive net profit, the actual spend becomes almost irrelevant.

Having said that, how much you spend to achieve this net profit and how large it becomes, is a factor of how well your account is run and managed and that’s why it’s a good idea to hire a consultant.

How Much Does It Cost To Run AdWords Campaigns?
Well, this will vary depending on project scope, but at least I can tell you what I charge. For a fully managed account, fees can be summed up as follows: 10 % of the monthly AdWords spend.

Consider this example; if you currently spend £1000 a month on AdWords, my charges to completely manage your account to the best of my ability would be just £100 monthly.

How do you know your AdWords account is working well?

I can do an account audit and produce a report containing observations and recommendations for improving your AdWords performance or, if you’re not yet running AdWords, my opinion of how well it may work for your business can be provided.

How I Can Help

  • Account Audit – I’ll examine your AdWords account and website and provide a report and/or plan of action for improvement – just £50!
  • Consultancy – I am happy to advise on new campaigns, existing projects or simply to discuss whether AdWords will even work for you, all without any commitment.
  • Management – for a stress-free option, I’ll happily run every aspect of your account on your behalf, giving you the best possible results for your spend.