Display Advertising

Display Advertising (AdWords)

Drive traffic to your website by advertising your business across a network of well known, prestigious and popular partner websites. A great way to reach new customers and help increase traffic to your site.

How display advertising works

Your adverts get placed on some of the world’s biggest, most popular websites based on your customers interest, location and contents they read online.

Behavioural targeting – Find customers based on their interest in your business or industry. Show your ads on websites that are related to what you’re selling.

Website re-targeting – Find potential and existing customers who have visited your website, but haven’t clicked on your advert. Your advert are shown to them on websites that are related to what you’re selling.

Geo targeting – Find customers in the location you have specified.

Contextual targeting – Find customers based on what topic  they read or consume online on Google partner sites.

Key Features

  • Fully managed Display campaigns (3 months minimum commitment)
  • Built specifically for your business
  • Full campaign transparency – easily track results

4 steps to getting the perfect Display Advertising campaign for your business

1. Fill the form by clicking [button url=”http://asotoadeola.com/contact/” style=”red”] Get in Touch [/button]

2. I’ll call you for a consultation to discuss what you want your Display Advertising campaign to achieve.

3. Once you’ve agreed the budget, I’ll build your campaign based on your business needs.

4. I’ll monitor and share your ads’ results and work with you to improve performance.