Why You Should Market Your Business With Google+

With business going social today, it is vital for businesses to embrace it in their marketing campaigns.

Launched in June 2011, Google+ is a way of making your Google experience social.  It is Google’s answers to Facebook.

Why use Google+?

With Google+ increased growth, businesses can boost online marketing performance by getting closer to potential customers, engaging & increase awareness with recommendations as this build trust.

Getting started with Google+ is easy. Get started in only 3 steps.

  1. Create a Google+ page and get it verified. It will be the centre of your brand’s identity on Google.
  2. Add the Google+ badge to your company website to help grow your Google+ followers.
  3. Link your Google+ page to your ads.

4 reasons why Google + is relevant to your online marketing.

When you add your Google+ Page to your campaign, a +1 on your ad counts as a +1 on your Google+ Page.

  • – It helps increase the number of people seeing your ads.
  • – Potential customers online will trust you more.
  • – Your brand is more personal, social and engaging.
  • – It’s easy to get started and expand your brand presence online.

You can measure the impact of Google+ Using AdWords. By using the +1 Annotations section in Google AdWords Reporting, it is easy to see full statistics including clicks, impressions and click-through rates for campaigns linked to your brand’s Google+ page.

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