Getting Squared Online

Every good digital marketer knows the importance of networking, discussing new ideas and emerging trends and how to use different media and platforms to their full advantage.

In a bid to improve my digital skills, I enrolled for Squared Online, The Digital Marketing Qualification from Google for tomorrow’s connected leaders. Developed by Google, built by the best practitioners and delivered collaboratively online.

Visit the website –  to learn more about the course.

Throughout the course, I will reflect on my Squared experience, articulate my thoughts on interesting ideas and concepts and insights on the topics covered.

I would from time to time share insights on digital marketing using the #SquaredOnline on Twitter & Google+.

I have done a short video for other “squares” in the network to know a little bit more about me. I hope you do enjoy the video.


  1. Was thinking about doing this recently! I’m curious to hear more about your experience with the Squared program so please share your feedback! 🙂

    1. Hi Tola, Its a very robust program as tutors are experience in their field. It is a program that requires intermediate experience in multi-channel marketing as emphasis is placed on digital.

      It requires working in groups to take on a brief (fictional brands) or assignment. You also provide personal feedback & peer review other members in the group after completion.

      All this is quite a challenge as you are expected to work collaboratively using online tools like G+ hangout & docs, etc.

      So far, I have appreciated working in a team, though challenging doing teamwork online but rewarding.

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