4 Ways to Buy Customers For Your Business

Running a business involves many difficult challenges. You have to create a product or service. You have to deliver it. You also have to market and sell it – people won’t just turn up and buy it because it’s there. It’s is more difficult for Business to Business (B2B) sales people to find potential customers. […]

eCommerce in Nigeria: How Small Businesses Can Compete With The Big Players

This post would higlight the Key Factors to Effective Competitive Analysis as a Small Business in Nigeria Starting and being a small business is a scary thing, especially with all the big businesses out there that you will likely have to compete with. A competitive edge is something that you always want to keep, no […]

9 Success Habits For Business Owners

Successful business owners share some common habits that is worth adopting. The 9 habits business owners must have to become successful: Learn for and find the right path, not just the destination. They focus on how they will get to where they want to go, rather than just on where they want to end up. After all, […]

5 Habits of Successful Business Owners

No man is an island. Nor is any business owner. The successful ones seek feedback, get advice, and learn from others. They’re passionate about what they want to do, but pragmatic, too. This article is an extract taken from the Essential Business Guide. Staying in business is about knowing what to do, how to do […]