eCommerce in Nigeria: How Small Businesses Can Compete With The Big Players

This post would higlight the Key Factors to Effective Competitive Analysis as a Small Business in Nigeria Starting and being a small business is a scary thing, especially with all the big businesses out there that you will likely have to compete with. A competitive edge is something that you always want to keep, no […]

eCommerce in Nigeria: Why Word of Mouth Is Still An Effective Marketing Approach

Advertising creates awareness but word-of-mouth endorsements, in person or electronically, are what drive purchase decisions in Africa, a study from Nielsen has claimed. The research company surveyed 8,168 urban consumers across 15 African countries for itsĀ Emerging Market Insights Study, and found that respondents rated recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of communications. […]

4 Ways Customers Drive Your Business

Trying to grow a business seems impossible. Most of the time, the increased business from a marketing campaign disappears just as quickly as it arrived. Building sustainable growth that will drive your business forward is achievable by taking into consideration existing and potential customers. The tips in this article is credited to Eric Ries in […]

3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust Online

As a consumer, buying online from a brand requires trusting that business with your personal information, recommending them to friends, and loyally choosing them over a similar brand. As an entrepreneur in a skeptical market, creating that sense of trust takes an ongoing commitment to integrity because trust is hard-won and easily lost. It is […]