The Top Ten Most Popular Brands on Twitter

The online world moves so fast, and brands are becoming increasingly aware of the need to have a social presence. Twitter is growing bigger and that brands must maintain and even improve their social strategy. It’s a given that celebrity accounts will most likely be the most followed overall, but it’s cool to see that […]

10 Ways to Make Social Media Work For You

Are you on LinkedIn, Pinterest? Do you tweet? Do you blog? Do you spend time on Youtube, Facebook or G+ ? Perhaps, you likely are presently engaged in one of these before getting on this page. Yes, social media as a business tool cannot be over-emphasized. Already, individuals and many organisations alike have absorbed social media into their marketing and […]

Why Facebook, Skype and YouTube are “Breakaway Brands”

According to a recent survey by Landor, in which they studied 2,500 brands  through a combination of data drawn from 15,000 consumers each year and 48 separate metrics to assess brand differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge. Facebook, Skype and YouTube are among the leading “breakaway brands” that have grown dramatically in strength over the last three years. […]