HOW: To Think With Google

If you’re interested in learning and broaden your knowledge in any industry, the Think with Google site is definitely a useful tool. What exactly is Think with Google? It’s a hub for digital marketing information, research and learning resources both from a Google product standpoint and more broad industry standpoint. Content (research and data) shared are extremely valuable […]

What The World Searched For In 2012 [VIDEO]

Search giant Google has released its “Zeitgeist 2012,” the list of the top search terms and trends over the last year, culled from 1.2 trillion searches in nearly 150 languages. The list has been broken up by topic, including top keyword searches, images, people and events.

How to Get Your Google Back on Windows 8 [VIDEO]

With the release of Windows 8 by Microsoft, the search giant Google wants to make the operating software more familiar to its users by teaching them how to use its own internet browser, Chrome instead of the default Internet Explorer. The video above shows how to put Google Search and Chrome on your Start page. […]

20 Facts and Figures about Google

Over the years, I have come to embrace the mission of Google as I do have the urge to be evangelical about the company. The draw is the Google name itself, which has a kind of magic in the ephemeral world of startups. Its Mountain View HQ in California is a mecca for people who understand that […]