Why Facebook, Skype and YouTube are “Breakaway Brands”


According to a recent survey by Landor, in which they studied 2,500 brands  through a combination of data drawn from 15,000 consumers each year and 48 separate metrics to assess brand differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge. Facebook, Skype and YouTube are among the leading “breakaway brands” that have grown dramatically in strength over the last three years.

These brands are mostly dependent on technology—they’re only possible in a digital world. But beyond being more digital, or more social than their classic boomer counterparts, many from this list not only lead, they have shattered and redefined their categories—or built new ones altogether.

It revealed that Facebook, the social network, demonstrated the greatest increase in “brand strength” between 2007 and 2010, as its scores leaped by 195% during this period.
As well as effectively “destroying” MySpace, Facebook usage levels have jumped from two hours a month three years ago to seven hours a month last year, and the site is now evolving into an “all-purpose media portal”.

Skype, which allows web users to make calls for free, finished second after generating a 79% improvement, a rise seemingly confirmed by Microsoft’s $8.5bn takeover of the company in May 2011.

YouTube, Google’s video-sharing platform, posted a 78% lift, ahead of Netflix, the online streaming service, on 72%.

Don’t you just love this “Generation Y” brands.
Data sourced from Landor


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