Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]

Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more addictive than cigarettes, according to new research. It is all of us, over  900 million users who have helped make Facebook such a success because we are indirectly the product. Let’s face it: Facebook has long lost a huge degree of its cultural cool for me maybe because I socialise more with… Continue reading Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]

8 Internet Gains Fact & Figures

According to a recent study  compiled by the Foreign Office, the internet has witnessed tremendous gains since its existence and seems to be on the increase. In developed countries, more children aged two to five can use a smartphone (19 percent) than can tie their shoelaces (nine per cent). The average smartphone has more computing… Continue reading 8 Internet Gains Fact & Figures

Why Facebook, Skype and YouTube are “Breakaway Brands”

According to a recent survey by Landor, in which they studied 2,500 brands  through a combination of data drawn from 15,000 consumers each year and 48 separate metrics to assess brand differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge. Facebook, Skype and YouTube are among the leading “breakaway brands” that have grown dramatically in strength over the last three years.… Continue reading Why Facebook, Skype and YouTube are “Breakaway Brands”