The Year 2012 on Facebook [GALLERY]

Not to be outdone by Google and Twitter, Facebook has created Year in Review, a compendium of 20 of your biggest personal moments in 2012, from life events to highlighted posts and popular stories. Facebook has also put together lists of the biggest trends among users around the country and the world. Additionally, you can access your own Year… Continue reading The Year 2012 on Facebook [GALLERY]

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How Chairs are like Facebook [Video]

As Facebook hits its one billion-user milestone, Mark Zuckerberg also unveiled its first-ever, agency created ad. The 90-second spot, titled “The Things That Connect Us” is currently living on Facebook, is an emotional tribute that existentially discusses the things that connect people. Like chairs. “Chairs are like Facebook,” the ad states. It also says, “the… Continue reading How Chairs are like Facebook [Video]

Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]

Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more addictive than cigarettes, according to new research. It is all of us, over  900 million users who have helped make Facebook such a success because we are indirectly the product. Let’s face it: Facebook has long lost a huge degree of its cultural cool for me maybe because I socialise more with… Continue reading Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]