Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]

Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more addictive than cigarettes, according to new research. It is all of us, over  900 million users who have helped make Facebook such a success because we are indirectly the product.

Let’s face it: Facebook has long lost a huge degree of its cultural cool for me maybe because I socialise more with my fanpage than personal (Perhaps thats what Facebook wants) with its new eye catching redesign for marketing opportunities.

Facebook encourages self promotion and a funny way of keeping in touch with friends by showing list of songs you listening to, videos you’ve been watching, news or ebooks you’ve been reading. While no modern website on earth exists without a Facebook Share button (exagerated), influential social media movements like Twitter & LinkedIn are also on the rise.

Coming in to fill the empty large house on the social media block is Google+ with intuitive features(Circles, hangouts) that makes Facebook look like old. Other guerilla social media movements includes  Pinterest, Path, Tumblr, Badoo and other social media apps on mobile platform.

It could be said that no online product or service has kept its lustre for more than a  decade. Even Google and Yahoo are now struggling to maintain its dominance in search and either building a social networking site or suing  for patents rights to compete with Facebook. In few countries like China and India, Facebook membership faces serious hurdles due to government restrictions/policy on the social networking site and other indigenous social networking sites.

Facebook wont die overnight. Its fate will be like AOL or Yahoo: a huge IPO would make the execs rich; then talent will leave, a lot of fresher networks will emerge and slow, inevitable decline begins.

I may be right or wrong. Do you think Facebook will be overtaken ?

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