Will Facebook be Overtaken ? [OPINION]

Yes, Twitter and Facebook are more addictive than cigarettes, according to new research. It is all of us, over  900 million users who have helped make Facebook such a success because we are indirectly the product. Let’s face it: Facebook has long lost a huge degree of its cultural cool for me maybe because I socialise more with […]

10 Ways to Make Social Media Work For You

Are you on LinkedIn, Pinterest? Do you tweet? Do you blog? Do you spend time on Youtube, Facebook or G+ ? Perhaps, you likely are presently engaged in one of these before getting on this page. Yes, social media as a business tool cannot be over-emphasized. Already, individuals and many organisations alike have absorbed social media into their marketing and […]

What 5 Top Social Media Sites are Worth

Social media site G+, a community of professionals, entrepreneurs and academics, put together this detailed infographic . Valuations of social media companies are found below: Facebook – $75 Billion Twitter – $ 7.7 Billion LinkedIn – $ 9 Billion Skype – $ 8.5 Billion Groupon – $ 25 Billion But are they overvalued?     […]