5 Social Media Checklist

According to Nielson Wire, social media consumes over 25% of our time online. Yes, more people spend longer time on social media networks and blogs than ever before. Social media today seems to be a no-brainer for businesses and individuals, but despite that I believe that it should be done correctly. It could be view as […]

10 Ways to Make Social Media Work For You

Are you on LinkedIn, Pinterest? Do you tweet? Do you blog? Do you spend time on Youtube, Facebook or G+ ? Perhaps, you likely are presently engaged in one of these before getting on this page. Yes, social media as a business tool cannot be over-emphasized. Already, individuals and many organisations alike have absorbed social media into their marketing and […]

How to Convert Social Media Traffic Into Leads

I recently took a look at the traffic analytics of my website and realised that  48.27% of my site’s traffic is from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and interestingly Google+) while 31.69%is from Search Traffic. This means i have been getting traffic by creating relevant content for readers and promoting it through my social media channels but how do […]

Top 5 Facebook Games for June 2011

In my previous post, Top 5 Facebook Games for January 2011 ,  Texas HoldEm pokers was at number 1 but  has dropped down to the third position with CityVille coming in as the highest Facebook fanpage, a game developed by Zynga. At Number 5, A new entrant, Bejeweled Blitz a game developed by PopCap Games […]