How to Convert Social Media Traffic Into Leads

I recently took a look at the traffic analytics of my website and realised that  48.27% of my site’s traffic is from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and interestingly Google+) while 31.69%is from Search Traffic. This means i have been getting traffic by creating relevant content for readers and promoting it through my social media channels but how do I convert them?  How do I optimize lead conversion? What typical lead conversion process in social media is best? I have come to realise that the lead conversion process on my blog is just as important as the actual blog post itself.

This article will share five ways to turn visits into leads and where necessary to take actions.

1. An email blog subscription

Offering an email subscription as your primary blog subscription vehicle allows you to keep your subscribers up to date on the latest content while also sending emails that facilitate your lead generation process. Once the user has opted-in to receive updates from the website, you have the ability to continue to market to them.


2. Relevant calls to action (CTA)

Every blog post should include a call to action that is relevant to what the post is about. The key is that your call to action be relevant.


3. Keep it light and easy

Most of the calls to action we see on websites are all about buying a product, so when someone clicks through to see what the article or product is about and likely doesn’t know enough about your company to want to dive in head-first and sign up for a trial or a demo. This might be a turnoff for first-time not repeat visitors; therefore, a “softer” call to action for those on a first date with your site might achieve considerable lead conversion.


4. Be your own advertiser

As the world of marketing has changed, marketers are creating content and using social media to drive visitors. Why not also use your ad space to promote your own offers? Drive more of your visitors to landing pages where they have the opportunity to convert into leads.


5. Landing Page Optimisation

Keep everything about your landing page simple and short as possible so as to convert the visitor into a lead. Though there will be people who fall off and don’t convert, the goal is to create an efficient lead generation process between your social media channels, your status updates, your blog and your landing pages.


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