5 Social Media Checklist

According to Nielson Wire, social media consumes over 25% of our time online. Yes, more people spend longer time on social media networks and blogs than ever before. Social media today seems to be a no-brainer for businesses and individuals, but despite that I believe that it should be done correctly. It could be view as… Continue reading 5 Social Media Checklist

6 Ways to Determine a Successful Website

Whilst being entrepreneurial minded,  looking  for a creative business strategy/model to drive a website i just started, i pondered on what really makes a site successful, i came across Seth Godin’s blog which highlighted 6 questions for analyzing a website. I found this to be interesting because as he noted it’s tempting to believe that… Continue reading 6 Ways to Determine a Successful Website

8 Internet Gains Fact & Figures

According to a recent study  compiled by the Foreign Office, the internet has witnessed tremendous gains since its existence and seems to be on the increase. In developed countries, more children aged two to five can use a smartphone (19 percent) than can tie their shoelaces (nine per cent). The average smartphone has more computing… Continue reading 8 Internet Gains Fact & Figures