8 Internet Gains Fact & Figures


According to a recent study  compiled by the Foreign Office, the internet has witnessed tremendous gains since its existence and seems to be on the increase.

  • In developed countries, more children aged two to five can use a smartphone (19 percent) than can tie their shoelaces (nine per cent).
  • The average smartphone has more computing power than all of NASAin 1969, the year it put man on the moon.
  • Almost ¬£5 trillion exchanges hands via e-commerce.
  • Facebook has 800 million- equivalent to the world’s population in 1750.
  • More than 150 years of youtube videos is watched on Facebook everyday.
  • 140 million tweets are sent everyday.
  • South Korea plans to spend more than ¬£1.3 billion on ebooks and tablets in a drive to eliminate the use of paper in schools by 2015.
  • By 2015, one million minutes of video will cross the web a second.
Is the Internet on Steroids ?

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