5 Social Media Checklist


According to Nielson Wire, social media consumes over 25% of our time online. Yes, more people spend longer time on social media networks and blogs than ever before. Social media today seems to be a no-brainer for businesses and individuals, but despite that I believe that it should be done correctly.

It could be view as sheer waste of time if the right social media strategy is not employed. It’s crucial to do one’s homework and realise what you want to achieve, which platforms are your best fit and how to avoid common social media casualties and faux pas.

This post highlights 5 social media checklist for businesses or individuals:

1. Use the Right Medium – With the booming start-ups scene around the world, it is tough keeping tabs with which platform to embrace. It should be a function of where your target audience resides or perhaps combine the top three platforms based on market research.

2. Identify Yourself – Make it clear who you are and what you do which requires thinking before updating status, avoiding personal opinions, and not mixing personal and business accounts if your a business owner.

3. Put the Effort In – Investing time and energy in managing and updating profiles and connections.

4. Quality not Quantity – Its better to have a smaller number of useful connections than a large number who aren’t interested in you or your business.

5. Engage and Interact – Discussions are the social currency of social media. Social networking is a two-way activity, so replying promptly to messages aids conversations.


Which of these have you checked ?

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