3 Ways to Create Targeted Content That Will Drive Traffic

Good content is an absolute requirement for social marketing and acquiring new customers. Without targeted, fresh, and convincing content, your efforts probably won’t produce the results you are hoping for. The three these strategies below would to help you effectively create and distribute attention-grabbing content that you use in social, email and  your website. #1. […]

Men Like Mobile Shopping Better Than Women

In a recent survey by uSamp, it revealed that men are clearly more involved than women when it comes to shopping with mobile devices. In fact, not only are men more likely than women to make a mobile purchase, they are also more ready to pay for what they’ve bought using mobile technology. According to […]

HOW TO: Know What Google Knows About You

Have you ever wondered what make the ads you see on the web more interesting, well Google uses your personal and social sentiment to help determine which ads to show you. Google uses your Google account information, such as items you +1’d on Google websites and across the web, to personalize content and ads on non-Google […]

Top 5 Influential Channel for Online Consumers

Recently, i have been working on a couple of e-commerce websites and kept pondering whether 2012 will be the year e-commerce, due to its increased enquires from prospective clients. Despite its increased popularity, stats as shown that only four percent of visits to retail websites result in a completed shopping session. Personally, i feel TRUST has always […]