8 Reasons Why Google+ Has So Much Potential


The service has barely been available for a month now, and has acquired over 10 million users. That’s a big feat considering it’s the new social media networking platform out there battling with a host of others. Google is slowly pulling all strings together to “make GOOGLE the new INTERNET” by giving users a more streamlined experience between their products.

Once it is fully opened to developers, we’re bound to see a huge influx of useful and interesting apps built around the network. Ofcourse its not quite there yet, there are certain features that are are lacking but even as it is, Google+ offers a great option for users embracing it.
Personally, I feel you can get as creative as you want with how you put Google+ to use.  Statistics as shown that users are predominantly male and tilted to the tech savvy individual, I soon hope other users will be able to join Google+  over time.

Here are the 8 Reasons Why Google+ Has So Much Potential:

1. Communication

Google clearly has done its homework very well when it comes to being social on web compared to Facebook as described in an Interview of Matt Brittin, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Google by Mark Choueke, Editor of Marketing Week after a presentation on Fast and Happy: how the web is changing the world for consumers.

Matt talks about search and social and other initiatives google is laying ahead in the pipeline such as the Google Plus Project and how facebook is not “social enough”.

With the Circle feature, you can make announcements to an entire circle of colleagues, to specific colleagues, or even share information privately one-on-one. You can browse your circles to see what all the different people in your life are sharing with you. The integration of Google Chat into Google+ makes it easy to have quick conversations all in one place.

The Hangout feature is the ideal alternative to video conferencing, useful for companies. You can absolutely start a Hangout at any time, from anywhere as up to ten people can pop in and chat.

With the Sparks feature, you can use it to get a constant feed of things that you’re really into and share it with friends. Yes, The Google+ project makes sharing on the web feel like sharing in real life.

2. Project Management

Of course, with any project management tool you need to be able to create individual projects, list tasks and assign them. For project management in an organisation, circles are actually the ideal solution. All ideas, videos, pictures and more, will be on that Circles page, so everything is documented. The circle becomes the workspace and the tool of communication in one go.

There are several ways you can deal with task management using Google+ for project management in a company. First for each project or department circle, you can assign the task in the circle, and the person who has been assigned comments to confirm they have received it.

3. Youtube Integration

Recently, the platform integrated the Youtube channel plug-in so it is easier for user to embed or watch their favorite videos which shows extent the search engine  giant is putting towards integrating all its products together.

4. File Sharing

With Google+, it’s also more than easy to share images, videos and links. You can actually upload any kind of file to Google Documents, and then share them using the traditional Google Documents method, via email.

5. Contacts

All of your contacts are integrated into one place. Google+ profiles add a little personal touch where you can share links to your websites, portfolios and more. In short, it makes it really easy to share more information about yourself with your colleagues if you want.

 6. Email Integration

It’s a given that using Google will give you one account to keep track of your incoming emails with notification in your Google+ bar to let you know when you have a new email. This feature definitely gives a hint of the potential of integrating all Google products into Google+.

 7. Notifications

Aside from Gmail notifications, you might also want to receive Google Plus notifications to let you know when a colleague has made an update. With an extension like Helper for Google+, you can receive a notification whenever a new update is made.

 8. Mobile Access

The feature on the mobile phone is particularly useful if you want to keep up with your colleagues in real time while you’re on the go though just still available on the Android platform and still expecting an iOS app approval of from the Apple Store.
Do you think G+ has got potentials? Share your opinion in the comments.



  1. High time to start working on my Google+. I think the mist attractive feature for me will be its usability as a project management platform. Thanks for sharing this. Did I miss Point 3 or it was not included?

    1. @gbenga, thanks for pointing out the omission of the 3rd point which is a new feature i suppose integrating the Youtube feature. I kinda enjoy “circle” feature of the platform which Facebook seems to have addresses since its launched by creating smart list as part of its new features. BTW send me a G+ invite. cheers

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