3 Ways Brands Should Plot Their Digital Drive for 2011

3 Ways Brands Should Plot Their Digital Drive for 2011

Today brands are moving beyond marketing in exploiting new communications channels. Brand owners having recognized the enormous potential of digital media  are seeking to leverage on digital media across its marketing, sales and operations, it is important to note that tactics are going to have to evolve quickly because everyone’s experience online is evolving quickly, so creativity and consistent innovation will be essential to long-term success.

Here are 3 Ways Brands Should Plot Their Digital Drive for 2011

1. Blogging/ Social Media Integration

Blogging, for this post would refer to consumer interaction across all platforms with social media integration. Brands need to start taking control of their own market by creating compelling content via their company blog, which  should offer a stronger level of engagement with the activities on facebook, twitter, youtube.

In 2011, consumers are more likely to visit  brands facebook fanpage instead of its corporate website, so if possible make “facebook your homepage”.

• Brands need to action on this by integrating social media into website, by adding facebook & twitter share buttons for content areas which helps SEO.

• Brands can also make do of influential bloggers to drive your product online and then upload feedback to sites including Facebook and YouTube, which helps customers solve common problems, could prove vital.

• Also brands hoping to unveil new products should leverage on Facebook fan pages by taking advantage of live streaming features rather than at an industry event, which comes at a far lower cost much broader coverage.

2. Mobile

In 2011, I foresee convergence of the access point. The digital experience would now be more and more living on a smartphone than anywhere else.

The mobile platform has made it easier to connect with consumers on facebook, twitter, youtube apps at your fingertips.

• Going forward, it is important to start planning to have a mobile site and also develop mobile application on mobile platforms for target audience thereby providing information quickly and easily.

• Mobile Apps should address issues in which consumers may be able to interact or provide interactive and rich content that is compelling

• Mobile Apps should also integrate online shopping to make it easy for customers to shop.

3. Search Engine / Facebook Marketing

In 2011, Ad Spend on digital media should increase because digital media over the years has proven to be a particularly effective tool for brands.

As the US advertising recovery continues to strengthen, brand owners like Procter & Gamble, AT&T and General Motors have started to boost their spending and take advantage of Online Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising and other digital platforms.

• Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other search engines, if Google to you is not synonymous to search engine.

• If you are doing this already, intensify your effort by taking into cognizance ROI using key performance indexes to weigh objective set out initially at campaign outset.

• Engage digital consultant/agencies to help with your digital strategy roadmap in achieving this.

• Try Ad formats that targets your consumer demographic and that which is most effective such as text ads, banners, interactive web video, etc.

Involved in the driving your brand digitally? If the answer’s yes, can you share how you are involved?


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