How To Run A Successful Online Marketing Campaign: Case Study

Bytesize, a Nigerian Digital Marketing Agency  was briefed by Coca-Cola Nigeria to handle its online marketing campaign during the African Nations Cup (ACN) 2010 in Angola. The brand wanted to position itself in the mind of its target audience as a brand  that “Open Happiness” to Super Eagles Top Fans and also as the Official Softdrink of the Super Eagles (Nigeria’s National Team).

The campaign produced some results worth noting largely to its success.

Client: Coca-Cola Nigeria

Campaign: The Campaign’s Objective was to increase awareness of Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the Super Eagles using the Nations Cup as a platform by targeting football loving Nigerians on sites regularly visited which includes, Facebook, Vanguard, Yahoo, Google and Google Content Network for a duration of 2 weeks

The Creative Execution used:

1. Online Sponsorship

Bytesize created the first online sponsorship for Coca-Cola. A completely branded African Cup of Nations section on Coca-Cola had a 100% visibility across all ACN content with a Home Page Takeover.

Coca-Cola's ACN Homepage Takeover on Goal.comQuick Facts about

  • is the largest football destination in the World with over 12 million unique users a month.
  • is the largest and most popular football destination in Nigeria with over 20 million page views on Mobile and over 500,000 unique users each month online.
  • Its Nigerian audience is male bias and middle class working and reasonable disposable income.

Coca-Cola's ACN Ad on

2. Paid Search/ Search Engine Marketing

Tactical use of search which generated tones of relevant traffic. When Nigerians were looking for news or information on the Super Eagles or the Nations Cup, Coca-Cola appears with a message and directs them to the sponsorship page. Display ads were targeted to keywords on high reach sites. This means the Coca-Cola ad would appear on pages that mention African Cup of Nations, Super Eagles or related terms.


3. Online Display Advertising

To increase awareness, Coca-Cola placements appeared on Yahoo and the Vanguard online.

Coca-Cola's ACN Ad on


The Result:

Over 5 million pages views on the online sponsorship in 2 weeks. Over 20 million impressions and 40,000 clicks to the online sponsorship. It was a huge brand response success.

What strategies do you use for your online marketing campaign and with what results?