Top 5 Facebook Games for January 2011

Top 5 Facebook Games for January 2011

In my previous post, The World’s 30 Most Popular Facebook Pages Right Now,  Texas HoldEm pokers  is the highest facebook fanpage, a game developed by Zynga.

Analyzing facebook social game via its monthly active users (MUA) shows, CityVille’s Zynga’s new city-builder has found itself at the top with nearly 85 million monthly actives ; a plateau breached by FarmVille.

Here are the highlights for the Top 5 Facebook Games for January 2011:Top 5 Facebook Games for January 2011

• For the first time in over a year, a new #1 appears in the form of Zynga’s CityVille with over 97 million MAU. The long running FarmVille still holds onto #2, however, has a total of approximately 57.7 million users.

• In fact, most Zynga games have grown this past month, with only one of its oldest applications losing users. At #5 remains Mafia Wars,with 19,0055,698 MAU.

1. CityVille :97,827,688 MAU

Top 5 Facebook games for Janauary 2011

2. FarmVille: 57,674,398 MAU


3. Texas HoldEm Poker: 36,109,648 MAU


4. FrontierVille: 28,788,438 MAU


5.  Mafia Wars:19,055,698 MAU

Mafia Wars

How often do you engage yourself with this social games ?

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