12 Facebook BrandPage Redesign Guide

12 Facebook BrandPage Redesign Guide

Whilst about to start on working on a new brief for a client, I realized  the new Facebook page design changes in which total rollout would take effect on all pages by March 10 and so for this post, i decided to write about this for admin users interested in knowing about these changes.

Below is an illustrated example to explain the changes.

12 Facebook BrandPage Redesign Guide

1) Tab applications move to sidebar: Users will now navigate between views using a vertical panel of links to the left of the wall.

2) New photo strip at top of page: Facebook Pages will now have a more prominent photo strip running horizontally across the top of the page that will display photos by those most recently tagged with the brand.

3) Profile picture reduced: The new design has been reduced to accommodate pictures that are 180 x 540 pixels for best view.

4) Information Box Relocation: The little box meant for a brief blurb about the brand, which was previously right below the profile picture, has been removed and placed into the “Info” tab.

5) Featured Likes: Where before, you could only list other pages on the network as your page’s “Favorites,” now, you can actually “Like” them.

6) Featured Admins: Now, you can “Page Owners” on the left hand side portion of the brand’s Facebook Page.

7) Editable Page Category: With the redesign, you can edit the category and the sub-category in your page settings, for better accuracy!

8 ) Wall Moderation: The redesign allows for easy moderation options, including setting the Wall to display posts made by “Everyone” or just those made by the “Page.”

9) Recommended Pages: the newly redesigned pages feature sections on the right that call out Recommended Pages.

10) Interact as your Page: Ability to interact with items around the social network as the brand page. In this way, one can “Like” other brand pages, interact on their Walls, and have those interactions be from your brand page, instead of your personal profile.

11) Notifications: Notifications of page activity can be set to go to admin’s email so they can respond real-time. There are also enhanced moderation/spam settings so that you can specify lists of words or terms you want blocked from showing up from your Facebook Page wall if written in a comment by a misbehaved fan.

12) iFrame Support: This means developers can build applications on Page tabs the way they are built on canvas pages.

All in all, the new designs would improve users’ experience and will be a great way to increase  brand awareness, enhance the visibility and access , but it’s important to learn how they work in order to make the most of this exciting new look and feel.

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