Five Keys to Better Health

5 keys to Better Health

This articles will consider five basic keys that can help an individual have an improved health in this fast -paced world we live in.

KEY1- Eat Wisely simple

Time-tested dietary advice.

  • Eat fresh foods.
  • Do not eat too much.
  • Eat mostly plants.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.

KEY2 -Take Care of Basic Body Needs

Taking basic steps to care for yourself can make a world of difference in your health.

  • Get enough rest.
  • Take care of your teeth.
  • Go to the doctor.

KEY3- Keep Yourself Moving

“If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medication in the world.” (Emory University School of Medicine), Of all the things we can do for our health, few are more generally helpful than physical exercise.

  • Exert yourself.
  • Use your feet.

KEY4- Protect Your Health

Taking simple protective steps can help you avoid much sickness and misery, as well as loss of time and money.

  • Keep yourself clean.
  • Avoid infectious disease.
  • Keep your home clean.

KEY5- Motivate Yourself and Your Family

Arming yourself with basic health information can equip and help motivate you to make needed adjustments for better personal and family health.

  • Keep learning.

What more is needed?

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