Brand Identity for Kokomobile

I was at my desk when a text message came in from the CEO of Robert & John Limited that he would be in for 15 minutes. Few minutes later, my extension phone rang it was the GM (head honcho of the agency) saying: “Asoto, I hope everything is in order, you know he is a celebrity and we cant afford to treat him anyhow”. I gave him the assurance everything was under control. My phone rang again, this time it was the creative director, “ ‘Deola, you do know the reason why I put you on this project was what he said. I nodded my head whilst replying him in the affirmative tone.

Now I was being put under pressure, D’banj(kokomaster) was on his way to the agency for a photo shoot to be directed by me. I had attended his shows but hadn’t met him personally, but this time he was coming to attend my show. I was quite impressed with his humble personality. He was pleased with work done so far and the photoshoot and jokingly said I would direct his next musical video(keeping my fingers crossed). It was a fantastic experience working onsuch portfolio.

Client:Robert & John Limited


Project: Brand Strategy/Identity for Kokomobile

Role: I was responsible for

1. Developing/ choosing basic elements such as typeface selection, color, icons across all brand collaterals.

2. Conceptualizing the visual style (look & feel)

3. Art Direction for communication materials such as print ad, multimedia content.

4. Providing final artwork elements for production.


Background Information:

KOKOMOBILE is a GSM mobile device from Roberts & John which serves the Nigerian and African mobile phone market with unique mobile office applications, games and unique transactional features that enhances the consumer’s social stance.

Brand/Communication Strategy:

The strategy was to play on the selected basic consumer benefit (functional and emotional), which is a sense of association to a culture, a community and a celebrity with a bit of permissible exaggeration.

Brand Architecture:

The idea was to play up the mother brand by letting it stand in the forefront  and allowing the names of the celebrities to be used to represent in the mobile phone series. The benefit of this is to ensure long-term brand equity for Kokomobile

Logo Rationale: The school of thought/philosophy used while designing was that “everything should be made simple as possible, but not simpler”, so color was added to the dot of the ”I” to create persona and attitude.


The mobile phone is available for purchase in various locations across Lagos and is sponsored by First Bank Nigeria. The phone is currently priced at about N9,800 and has the following features: Memory Card, Flashlight, FM Radio, MP3/ MP4, Latest D’banj and Mo’Hits songs and videos, Facebook, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz, Opera, First Bank Mobile Application, N500 free account opening at First Bank.

There is no better feeling than to see the brand you created on a product, is there?


  1. well, I went through your background information about the brand- Kokomobile and am not really impressed with the brand strategy. With a name like Kokomobile which is synonymous with the artiste d’banj, I never expected that the series of the phones would be tagged “D’banj series” what happens if another series is introduced into the market? what would that be called? Don Jazzy series? slang excerpts from the musician’s lyrics would have been more preferably thereby creating varied choices for clients who love d’banj as an artiste but have different likeness for his songs…something like “endowed series” “Scapegoat (SG) series”…etc would have been more apt.

    1. Hi Tola, thanks for the feedback, its well appreciated however bearing in mind that the idea was to play up the motherbrand “KOKOMOBILE” which ensures long-term brand equity. The use of slogans by artistes or even brands do change overtime. An example is Coca-Cola, its slogan/big idea has evolved over time from the “real thing” to “open happiness”, etc and of course the last time i checked D’banj’s recent slang is “Oose” meaning thank you, Tola you definitely wouldn’t buy “oose” Series.:)

  2. Hello Asoto, been trying to reach u. My name is Shileola ibironke and MD of Micromedia Marketing Ltd based in Lagos. We a new conceptual brief that we would want you to join our team to work on. Kindly contact me once u receive this message on 07036802638.

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