HOW TO: Know What Google Knows About You

Google search engine updates

Have you ever wondered what make the ads you see on the web more interesting, well Google uses your personal and social sentiment to help determine which ads to show you.

Google uses your Google account information, such as items you +1’d on Google websites and across the web, to personalize content and ads on non-Google websites.

How it works ?

Many websites, such as news sites and blogs, partners with Google to show ads to their visitors. Your interests are associated with an advertising cookie that’s stored in your browser. Google actually gives users the ability to edit/correct the personal information stored in the cookie Google has about you.

Simply go to: Google Ads settings page and Google will tell you what it knows about you, and it gives you the option of changing it if you like.

Here’s what they think about me: [screen shot]


It’s actually pretty accurate,  so I do know the ads I expect to see.

Google is Watching and Measuring Your Search History

Google also uses your actual search history to determine what ads to show to you. This is most apparent on the Google Display Network, where you are likely retargeted to no end after visiting an advertiser’s web site.

In search, Google uses “session-based ads” to show ads to you for products that are totally unrelated to your current search, but might have been something you searched on in recent memory.

So what does Google know about you ?



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