HOW TO: Create Content Related To Trending Topics

Staying on top of popular or trending topics on search engines and social media can provide business owners an opportunity to get their name out there by sharing something already online that meets the need of what people are discussing. It is therefore important to monitoring trending topics and the influencers in your industry, regularly mine that data and come up with related content.

The steps required for this includes for  using social monitoring tools to keep up on what’s trending. Social monitoring tools such as HootSuite can allow you to set up searches for keywords related to your business. Monitor the searches to see what people are saying and what they’re looking for. Another tool is Social Mention, which offers real-time social media analysis, meaning you can type in a keyword and it will show you the mentions, sentiment and reach for each keyword.

Next, identify and monitor your “influencers. Your influencers can include reporters, bloggers and social marketers who your target audience follows. Having these influencers mention you or your brand can give business a nice boost.

Here are two quick tips to help out :

1. Each day or week as you see trends, immediately whip up useful content or offer resources that address the topics in ways not available elsewhere.

2. Launch them quickly on your blog, YouTube or other content destination, and then add them to the conversation happening on social media sites. It is important to avoid seemingly too self-promotional but also sharing content from others, such as industry experts and trusted news publications.

How do you monitor trending topics and make them work for your business ?

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