The World’s 30 Most Popular Facebook Pages Right Now

The World’s 30 Most Popular Facebook Pages Right Now

With 550 million users around the world, and counting, Facebook is one of today’s leading destinations influencing online identity, entertainment, and content distribution.

The current most popular facebook fan pages include those of Facebook itself (they own the page), Vin Diesel (surprisingly), Youtube (tube lovers), Coca-Cola (Mass brand) and the “Texas Hold’em Poker” (game freaks) pages.

Analyzing these facebook fan pages, one would notice that the top ranking Texas Hold’em Poker (game freaks), a social game rack up numbers so large it qualify as social network in itself. The 3th position of the best facebook fan pages belongs to the “Micheal Jackson” fan page, even though he’s late. Lady Gaga is at the 4th because of her online and offline popularity. This reflects reality.

One may derive the conclusion that most of the fans of the pages are followers in reality and are looking for promotional offers, coupons, updates, info on a product/service, social interaction with other followers(that’s what facebook is all about right).

Also, this list also reveals that social media marketing is being leveraged upon by both personal and corporate brands. The personal brands seems to outpace the corporate brands and cuts across categories such as actors, musicians(dead and living), rap and also a sport personality, Cristiano Ronaldo (who should still be the best player in the world).

To make it to the best facebook fan pages list ultimately you must create a fan page that is worthy of becoming a fan of. To do that your fan page must be useful, customized, informative and busy.

1. Texas Hold’em Poker: 32,082,048

Facebook Page Texas Hold'em Poker

2. Facebook: 31,573,016

Facebook Page Facebook

3. Michael Jackson: 26,392,982

Facebook Page Micheal Jackson

4. Lady Gaga: 25,928,837

Facebook Page Lady Gaga

5. YouTube: 25,644,124

Facebook Page Youtube

6. Eminem: 25,129,130

Facebook Page Eminem

7. Family Guy: 23,707,147

Facebook Page Family Guy

8. Coca-Cola 21,688,020

Facebook Page Coca-Cola

9. Rihanna: 20,627,154

Facebook Page Rihanna

10. South Park: 20,339,524

Facebook Page South Park

11. Linkin Park: 20,243,792

Facebook Page Linkin Park

12. Megan Fox: 20,112,590

Facebook Fanpage Megan Fox

13. Vin Diesel: 19,922,905

Facebook Page Vin Diesel

14. Starbucks: 19,066,922

Facebook Page Starbucks

15. The Twilight Saga: 18,751,403

Facebook Page The Twilight Saga

16. Lil Wayne: 18,031,350

Facebook Page Lil' Wayne

17. The Simpsons: 18,020,574

Facebook Page The Simpsons

18. Justin Bieber: 17,957,781

Facebook Page Justin Bieber

19. Bob Marley: 17,876,102

Facebook Page Bob Marley

20. Shakira: 17,874,507

Facebook Page Shakira

21. House: 17,780,403

Facebook Page House

22. Barack Obama: 17,676,773

Facebook Page Barack Obama

23. Cristiano Ronaldo: 17,546,195

Facebook Page Cristiano Ronaldo

24. Katy Perry: 16,351,386

Facebook Page Katy Perry

25. Oreo: 16,269,547

Facebook Page Oreo

26. Taylor Swift: 15,764,155

Facebook Page Taylor Swift

27. SpongeBob SquarePants: 15,761,596

Facebook Page Spongebob Squarepants

28. Disney: 15,742,209

Facebook Page Disney

29. Mafia Wars: 15,132,196

Facebook Page Mafia Wars

30. Dr. House: 15,047,913Facebook Page Dr. House

Data sourced (Friday, January 7, 2011) from Inside

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