The Top 5 Countries on Facebook


Facebook is still growing towards 700 million users, having reached 698 million monthly actives by the start of June, according to Inside Facebook data service.

Most of the new users continue to come from countries that are relatively late in adopting Facebook, as has been the trend for the past year. So far, Facebook has been able to make up stalls and losses with big gains in heavily populated developing countries like Mexico, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

United States
150 192 400
38 163 420
United Kingdom
29 759 680
29 040 360
27 706 120

As you can see in the table above of the five countries that gained the most users over May, this continues to be the case. Nigeria is presently placed at Number 43 in the world with 3,183,240 users. Going forward, I’ll be watching closely to see what longer-term trends emerge.

But how much further can it go if it is to reach its goal of 1 billion monthly active users?