How to Market Your Business Using Email Marketing

As a business owner, email marketing can improve retention and engagement of your customers. It is of important to identify how to achieve this.

Email marketing messages can take various forms; whether it is a series of welcome emails, a reminder to repurchase a needed product, a message to let your customers know that you miss them or haven’t seem them lately, or even a cute reminder that their wedding anniversary is approaching.

What types of email trigger campaigns are there?

Some of the most successful triggered email marketing campaigns are focused on retention, repurchase, and rewards. You can use triggered emails to send a series of welcome emails or follow up with great content after your customer does a specific event that you track. There might be customers that ran out of your beauty cream or your natural drug, a trigger email could be used for repurchase or oder reminder.

Finally rewards are to automatically send emails to loyal customers, those that reach a certain threshold of loyalty in terms of spend or frequency that you have set.

Below are 5 Examples of email trigger campaigns

  • Simple/automatic emails – These include your welcome emails, purchase confirmation, and shipping updates. A clear event happens like a purchase or a sign up and your system quickly sends out the email.
  • Order reminder emails – Order reminder emails is another powerful tool for retailers with replenishable products. If you are selling health/beauty, food/drug, apparel, office supplies or anything that needs reordering every x amount of time, remind your clients it is time to buy more.
  • We haven’t seen you in a while – These emails are intended to re-engage customers who haven’t bought from you in a long time. Test the waters with different re-engagement campaigns and you will see that customers you thought would never return are again knocking on your door.
  • Series emails – You have a set of trigger emails to send to customers once activated by an event, but you don’t want to send them all at once. You use series emails to space them out. You can also make them dependent on a previous event or a response to a previous campaign.
  • Reward program emails – Trigger emails can also be used to look at the number of transactions or the total spent and reward customers, just like airlines do, with incentives and perks depending on their level. These email campaigns are very successful when the offer is relevant, creative and unexpected.

A well thought out trigger based marketing campaign can provide great results. Think about it as a marketing machine that is working for you 24/7. This strategy is also about targeting better and providing content to your customers that they will deem relevant.

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