3 Basic Rules of Social Media

Every marketer and business owner recognises the need to have a successful social media strategy. With this in mind, it is important to think very carefully about the way in which you seek to engage potential customers.

In keeping it simple, I refer to them as the three “Be’s” of digital information in the world :-

1. Be Found

Providing unique free content can create other revenues opportunities for creative marketers. Getting traffic from Natural Search/SEO is now a “no-brainer” for most online marketers.

2. Be Engaging

A loyal supporter is not necessarily a profitable customer. The key challenge is converting loyalty into revenue.  Experimentation is thus required with marketing initiatives to encourage ongoing participation and engagement with the aim of  driving revenues upward.

3. Be Accountable

More than just acquiring a database, purposeful curation of data. Analytical insights is key to delivering timely, relevant and targeted messaging. Look at the social report of your web analytics regularly.

Do you presently use any of the rules ?

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