Top 10 Web Searches in Nigeria: September 2012

In the Month of September, Google and Asoto Adeola  marked their anniversary on the 27th. Also Google merged Google Insights for Search into Google Trends, wrapping it all up in a clean new interface into a single powerful tool.

The new Google Trends now includes features from both products and makes it easier and more intuitive to dig into the data. Well that said, this post seeks to determine  what did Nigerians search for  or were curious to know in the last 30 days.

Insights into what Nigerians are searching for — the new Google Trends

So, what exactly can you learn about people’s interests from Google Trends?

Google Trends to keep up with trending interests online, and a range of journalists, businesses and researchers around the world using Insights for Search to compare the popularity of search terms over time and across regions. Trends data can be used to better understand global trends — identifying health and economic trends and studies on the predictability of search trends.

Nigerians have been most interested in information related to Nigerian News, 2go, Nokia and Love. Others includes iPhone, innocence of muslims, neco results.

Here are the Top 10  Rising Web Searches  in Nigeria for the Month of September 2012 :

There’s so much in this data for journalists, academics, and anybody who’s curious about Nigeria to explore, and I’d love to see what you find.


    1. Jerry, thanks for the reply.

      It indicates the behavioural pattern of an average Nigerian online. We tend to consume, download contents for free. However, use of these keywords can still be harnessed if properly used.

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