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dorcie stationery design

In this article I will write about the process of creating the identity & logo design for one of my recent clients, Dorcie.

Getting The Job

Sinmisola, the brain behind Dorcie Charity, contacted me few months ago (found me through my facebook ads and visited my blog). She wanted to create a design identity for her organization and asked how much I do charge to create one. I sent a reply stating how much hiring me to work on a brand identity project generally costs, which varies depending on a number of factors. Due to the nature of the project, I informed her it would be a pro bono job (PSR).

After a few initial emails clarifying her needs, I sent her a logo design brief, which she promptly filled out. I then sent her a creative process offering insights into not only the thought process behind creating the logo but also the creation of the logo itself. The next stage of the project was developing the logo. Developing the logo design concept is where creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief and research conducted, I brainstormed and sketched down my ideas, which you can find below. dorcie logo sketch

Background information on Dorcie:

Dorcie is a charity organization dedicated to taking kids hawking off the street and back into school. The motto is … mother in the hood… and comprises of women majorly who like the Biblical Dorcas, do good to the people, for us, children, in the neighborhood.

RATIONAL: BIBLICAL DORCAS; Her name to this day stands for the benevolent use of the needle. Her example has been an inspiration to women.  

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: This identity needed to capture the true essence of Dorcie as a charity organization. The identity I chose made use of the metaphor of the ‘mother’ and ‘child’ intertwined a “needle” & “thread” which would be central to the logo.

dorcie symbols

MESSAGES: – Convey confidence, trusted guidance, credibility, professionalism – Welcoming and approachable

APPROACHES: – Minimalist/simplistic approach – Explored using the needle/mother & thread/child as a symbol. Please take note that no colour has been added to any of the designs. This is to ensure the design works in one colour only. The simpler a logo is, the more memorable and adaptable it is. In nearly all cases, less is more. Also the message and approaches dictated the font and color used using the color theory.

Picking the right color and fontype is also key to a good LOGO. BLUE as a color universally depicts: openess, trust, softness, confidence and profesionalism. Desaturated blue was applied with GREY

dorcie fonts

dorcie logo

dorcie logo on dark background

Final Logo & Presentation dorcie stationery design I sent in the logo design options. Find below correspondence between Sinmisola and I.

Client’s 1st Response:

Thanks Asoto. The brief is very wonderful and it captures our essence. I expect the designs tomorrow. I could receive them in Corel Draw, Photoshop and Jpeg. Which ever suits you. How much will this cost me? Thank you. Sincerely,


Me: Hi Sinmi, I’m glad you like it. The next step is to forward you all the creative assets hopefully before close of work tomorrow. Cheers.

Client’s 2nd Response:

Asoto. I am short of words. I am so impressed and my prayer for you is that your business will continue to climb heights unimaginable. I love the concept. It captures Dorcie head-on. Thanks for also making it pro-bono. I should confess to you that we don’t even have a dime in our purse right now but always trusting that God will send help.

Dorcie’s history will not be complete without you. Choosing, I’ll take the one you chose.

The complete concept you used for the complimentary cards sample. Thanks again. God bless you richly.



Me: Hi Sinmi, Find attached creative assets for use.

Client’s Final Response:

Hi Asoto, Thank you very much. So much. Dorcie’s testimony will not be complete without you, a stranger who has become family.

God bless you. Sinmi.

My final words, this type of testimonial gives credence to the saying that “business is not always about money”. Impacting one’s environment is important. You could also support the organization by visiting the Dorcie Charity Facebook Page.

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