How to cultivate a balanced view of work

How to cultivate a balanced view of work

Due to the times we live in, economic hardship is the order of the day and having a regular job or running a business that guarantees sufficient income to cover the needs of the family. Still, there is much more to life than hard work. Living a satisfying, meaningful life obviously involves making time for secular work, also important is family, recreational and for spiritual needs.

Time for Work, Time for Self. Though it is vital to work hard to provide for one self or family, working long hours without proper rest or recreation can rob one of many joys in life. It can also lead to serious health problems such as obesity though not common in my part of the continent, alcoholism, heart disease, anxiety, fatigue and many others. Yes, balance is vital.

Do not let your profession become an obsession. Therefore protect your mental, physical and emotional health by taking time to rest and enjoy the fruits of ones labour. Easy to say you would say but difficult to do but really lets face it one needs to have a mindset of  “work to live, not live to work” because balancing work with rest and leisure will also help to care for the needs of oneself and family.But this is not easy,especially when you have to pay bills.

As an individual, all it takes is to reexamine priorities and make changes so as not to forsake the joys of friendship and family life by placing too much emphasis on work. Making use of some of this tips, you can be assured that balancing your work,recreation,and family needs brings rich reward.

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  1. Wonderful reminder that any success begins with your personal relationships. It’s important to build and nuture these relationships which ultimately is the support that will carry you through professional ups and downs. Without a healthy foundation, anything built on top of it will not last.

    1. I do appreciate the fact you placed emphasis on relationship building as often said most lasting business are built on friendship. I do feel there’s room for improvement for me in that area.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Kind regards

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