Top 10 Online Advertising Tips For Online Retailers in Africa

The advertising of the future is going online and going local in Africa. This hot trend is growing rapidly and shows no signs of letting up. There’s no question that consumers are using the internet to navigate their way to local brick-and-mortar retailers in Africa.

Online searches influences most purchases made at retail locations and such phenomenon is on the increase. We are also witnessing more and more free ads site sites making their presence known by allowing local retailers take advantage of free advertising and marketing. 

Advertising on the internet is a very effective way to sell your products or services. When drawing up your advertising tactics, consider these tips to make customers find you products hard to resist.

1. Go After Your Target Audience

Grab the attention of your potential customers by understanding what kind of customers you want to attract. An advertising campaign should be geared toward your niche market.

2. Highlight Your Competitive Advantage

Highlight the benefits of your product through your ads thereby delivering value to potential customers. Create ads that sells the specific benefits of the featured product or service.

3. Establish Your Brand

Image counts when it comes to advertising and promoting your business. Build a consistent image so as to make an impression on prospective customers.

4. You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

There are ways to save money, but advertising is typically not the place to cut corners. Doing so will affect sales, and that affects the bottom line. Successful advertising may cost some money, but that is because it works.

5. Advertise in the Right Places

Advertise in the appropriate media to ensure that you reach your target market. Do some research about your target market to understand who they are and determine what they read, watch, and listen to.

6. Don’t Allow Your Budget to Run Your Advertising Campaign

Budget according to their seasonal advertising needs. Have a minimum monthly spend by determining when the business have seasonal highs and lows. This will help avoid spending too much money advertising during down times and not enough when you want to attract customers.

7. Diversify Your Approach

Choose a variety of suitable media for your audience instead of advertising based on price and potential rate of returns, and then stopping.

8. Be Specific

Online retailers try to come up with ways to reach every market. Typically, this does not work. It can spell disaster for startups who cannot afford to spread themselves too thin. Therefore, find your market and be everything you can be to that audience.

9. Test Your Ads in Advance

Advance preparation is important, effort could be put in place to testing ads on focus groups. Do they understand and accept the message you are trying to convey? If not, get insight into how you could more effectively communicate your message.

10. Monitor Your Ads

It is important to track your ads using web analytic tool helps to understand which elements of your ads are most effective and which media offer the most profitable advertising opportunities for your company.

How To Promote Your Business Using Classified Websites

Classified websites are newly developing phenomena in the African business industry. Business owners are tapping into the classified ad market as a mode of internet marketing.Classified ads can be very effective in online marketing. Free classified ads fit into every budget.

Depending on your particular product or service, it can be time-consuming to respond to interested parties, deliver goods or services and maintain a high level of customer service. Free classified ads should certainly be included in your marketing strategy. Carefully track your website traffic to gauge how effective each ad is, and then make adjustments as needed.

The success of using these sites for African entrepreneurs is growing immensely as it is a valuable tool to reach potential customers.

Let’s take a look at the western region of the Continent, namely Ghana, an online classified site is OLX Ghana, which allows its users to post classified ads from their cell phones directly into the website.

For this Ghana’s classified site, there is no limit to what one can advertise on OLX. The procedure is simple: you can post free ads in Ghana. Just take several photos of what you want to sell. Do it from different angles, and post the pictures. A potential customer would see them and contact you and voila, you have money the customer has the product.

Promoting your business with free classified ads is relatively easy. Still, there are some steps that can make your campaign more successful. Keep these tips in mind:

5 Tips to Keep In Mind On When Promoting Your Business With Free Classified Ads

– When posting free ads, use a site that is simple to use

– It is important to look at the site reputation in offering the free ad service to clients before making final decision.

– Always go over guidelines and posting requirements to make sure you can create the most full-bodied ad possible.

– Make sure your ad copy is effective by including keyword keywords to help targeted customers find your ads.

– Remain professional, both in your classified ads and in dealings with potential customers.

How To Market Your Small Business On A Budget

So you have an incredible business idea, you summon up the courage to implement your idea and start-up your first small business – but how do you market your product or service without breaking the budget? It’s not always an easy task to figure affordable ways to advertise your new business, but with the broad spectrum of the Internet, you now can market your small business with little to no cost.

Take a look at three useful tips that will help build your business’ online presence with little-to-no-budget.

Become a Voice In Your Industry
What better way to build your online presence and start executing a content marketing strategy in your industry than by having a company blog. People are constantly searching the Internet for content and helpful tips to help them succeed in their industry. It is therefore necessary to start updating and creating blog posts about things relevant to your industry.

Additionally, effective use of  your social media assets such as TwitterFacebookYouTube  can connect with those similar to you and form a solid network of cross-promoting. Not to mention, the information you create and share can give you an enormous amount of credibility in your field.

List Your Company in Online Classified Sites
This is extremely helpful and its free marketing. When someone searches your industry, or better yet, hears about your brand and decide to search you on the Internet, you want to make sure you’re also on a free ads siteBe sure to create accurate entries with direct links to your website, phone number, social media profiles. 

Make sure you’re represented the way your small business should be perceived by adding more details to the entry and making sure you company profile is consistent with other online placements. This all takes time, but in the end it’s worth all the organic search mentions and strengthening your business’ online presence.

Interact on Blogs and Forums
Aside from posting your own blog content, try guest blogging on other high-traffic blogs did would benefit your small business. Provide them with a blog post of pertinent information that will be of value to readers while slightly Their tying in your brand.  Additionally, start reading other like-minded blogs and create discussion through leaving comments with your small business’ name, URL and / or a trackback to a blog post of yours. 

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