About Me

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Adeola Asoto. I am a Digital Creative at LEUNAMME.

I prefer to call myself a Creative Cook. I genuinely enjoy the work I do so you’ll always see me as motivated and ready to put together some creative ideas.

I’m easy to work with, have a great sense of humour and can bring ideas to the table in any type of business.

My hallmark is my ability to craft compelling work regardless of situation at hand, my weapon you might ask, is my versatility. I come up with an idea and have the ability to execute it whether it’s Print, TV, Radio, and Web. I can craft something compelling from inception to release i.e. design across all media.

Hmnn… that sounds boastful, well that’s not to say I don’t work well in groups, most of my works have involved working with people (employers/clients).

I have honed my skills working for 2 major advertising agencies in Nigeria; FKG2 NIGERIA (G2) & Rosabel Group (Leo Burnett). I’ve had the opportunity to work on global brands such as Zain (now Airtel), Samsung, P&G, Coca-Cola, Moet Hennessy, Emirates, The First Group, Heineken (Nigerian Breweries) just to name a few. Other accounts worked on include financial institutions, telecommunications, and aviation & FMCG brands in the country.

I am a Google Certified Professional and have been fortunate enough to be recognized for my work, American Design Awards 2010 – Website Design.

My focus over the years has been to help businesses make the most out of their web and mobile presence.

Get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to have a good chat about how I can help you.